Student Success

Student Success Pack - Basic

16.00 19.60

Buy a student success pack for your student, a student you know, or for a random EMCC student! The basic pack consists of: 1.5" binder, 1" binder, 5pk of pencils, two G2 pens, one pack of index cards, two packs of filler paper, a notebook, and two packs of scantrons (desperately needed by our students all semester long!). Retail is $19.60, but your online gift purchase price is $16.00. There is no shipping cost for this item, nor will we ship this item. In the notes on your check out page, you can designate a student's name for pick up (be sure and let them know - we will not notify students!) or you can note "random." You can also note if you would like it to go to the Scooba campus or the GT campus. We appreciate you helping out EMCC students! 

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